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Explained: What NZ military can legally do to the public

  1. NZ is not in a state of martial law.

  2. NZ military can only arrest you if:

    1. You are trying to leave quarantine; or

    2. They are with a police officer.

  3. NZ military can forcefully enter your home but only in a declared state of emergency.

  4. NZ military can conduct roadblocks but only with police or in a declared state of emergency.


Stanford professor John Ioannidis published an overview of Covid-19 antibody studies. According to his analysis, the lethality of Covid19 (IFR) is below 0.16% in most countries and regions.


The following article examines the development of the coronavirus disease in Israel. Our analysis shows that this is a constant pattern across countries. Surprisingly, this pattern is common to countries that have taken a severe lockdown.

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In an October 2019 report, the WHO admits that there is little or no reliable information on the effectiveness of social distancing, travel restrictions or curfews. The study also found that from a medical perspective, “contact tracing” is "not recommended in any circumstances”.

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With the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), US physicians reported an 84% decrease in hospitalization rates, a 50% decrease in mortality rates among already hospitalized patients (if treated early), and an improvement in the condition of patients often within hours.

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