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There is a movement growing in this country which will continue until we have secured effective Human Rights Protections for all New Zealanders.

We are actively:

  • Speaking out against an out of control, drunk on power mad government.

  • Protesting peacefully and standing together in solidarity to defend our Human Rights.

  • Speaking up for liberty and freedom which are slowly being eroded away by corporate censorship and corrupt governments.

Join the community and meet great like minded kiwis who love our country.

This site will cover your local area if you have footage and are actively speaking out.

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M. D. Rangi

bitchute: M. D. RANGI (70 subs)youtube: M. D. RANGI (742 subs)

Carl Bromley

Adam Nuttall


bitchute: Nelson Knight (91 subs)rumble: Nelson Knight (103 subs)
Facebook: True Leadership

Cross the Rubicon


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Community Page: New Zealand Freedom Network

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