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Stand up for your rights

29th August 2020

Liberty March Queen St

What an epic turnout: 700 - 1000!

Liberty March Auckland

Excellent footage summarizing the days events

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All Speeches from today

Aotea Square lockdown protests

Large numbers of patriots assemble to peacefully protest and stand in solidarity

Campaign to End lockdowns

Patriots gather in Aotea square and march down Queen St

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Hundreds turn up at the Anti-Lockdown March in Auckland during lockdown level 3

69k views at the time of upload

22nd August 2020

Patriots again gathered in Aotea square and marched down Queen street to protest a government that is out of control.

Thanks to the NZ police for reading the Bill of Rights Act s:14-18

Will Ryan's speech (with subtitles)

Tired of the unconstitutional brutal lockdown measures in Auckland, a brave freedom fighter gives a impassioned speech in Aotea Square in Auckland during the Fight For Liberty March

15th August 2020

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Proud patriots came out to Aotea Square (NZ Lockdown Protest Auckland) to stand up for their rights and freedoms during lockdown level 3

Good footage including interactions with the police (who were not happy),legacy media (who did not report anything) and a well articulated speech from Will Ryan at the end

Brilliant footage from Sergio's channel -

"...Shortly after police turned up and dispersed the gathering doing a little military style advance at the protesters.

The officer in command than announced that anyone protesting will be arrested under the government public health act."