Wellington Past Events

Will you defend your free land?

6th August

Human Rights, 2030 UN Agenda protest

From Colin Wightman

"Thanks so much to everyone who made the journey and to those in support on the day. This is but the beginning of a long and hard challenge ahead in exposing this treasonous Government, one guilty of Human Rights contraventions, legalising child murder and to selling us out to the sinister side of the UN2030 agenda without mandate from “the people”. The very fact that no MP’s turned up to support or respond to the quality guest speakers was absolute contempt in itself. As it is well noted that mainstream media, while there, have been bribed enough ($50 million worth) to keep this movement under wraps. Fortunately though, we were streamed worldwide and over 16,000 hits so far in NZ social media. Unity is our strength from here."

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3rd June

The March

Patriots march onto the Parliament grounds of New Zealand

Cka Mark

The legend himself lets rip on Jacinda

Sue Grey

Sue from TOP has her say

Michael Stace

NZPP Party director/Reset NZ founder has his say

A reset is required

Update: Legacy media soft hitpiece