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The Sovereign Individual

The Philosophy of Liberty

This classic video was made by Kerry Pearson (aka Lux Lucre), based on the epilogue of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, a book by Ken Schoolland. The text and visuals are remarkable for their clarity and simplicity, and the music makes an excellent accompaniment to them.

Money vs Currency

Government exercises control over its citizens by regulating currency in the system.

Learn about fiat 'funny money' and why you should slowly wean yourself off the NZD.

Ray Dalio - How the economic machine works in 30 minutes

  • Very easy and simple way to break down the overall picture of the economy into 30 minutes.
  • This should be required teaching in primary school. If all students understood the basics of economies we would not edge towards socialism and would raise the entrepreneurial spirit.

GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) - Fall of Empires: Rome vs USA

  • Gold has been valued from the very first men, up till now.
  • A gold coin could buy you a suit in almost any time in history including now
  • Gold will always hold your value over time and is a suitable investment

George Gammon - Fastest Stock Market Crash In History: Is This The End Game?

  • Technical underlying of how the entire market is structured
  • It ends up with government having to buy up everything
    • defaulting in socialism and central control
  • It shows the entire system is propped up on debt and is an unrealistic monster.
  • We are long overdue for inflation and rising prices due to the out of control spending and greed.

ITM Trading - THE GOLD & SILVER RESET: How will they perform? Thank you Venezuela!

  • Gold has been proven in a modern day country to act in an official reset.
  • New Zealand is printing helicopter money, overall reducing our purchasing power
  • If we invest in gold and sell it when the price snaps back, we will preserve our purchasing power and the economic output we produced.
  • Fiat currencies are weak and a poor storage of wealth over time

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Highly recommended 8/8

Precious Metals Backed CryptoCurrency

LODE is reinventing money as we know it, constructing the world’s most secure blockchain-powered gold and silver money system.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - The Gulag Archipelago

An Experiment in Literary Investigation is a three-volume, non-fiction text written between 1958 and 1968 by Russian writer and historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It was first published in 1973, followed by an English translation the following year.

Audio Book

Read by Frederick Davidson
Starts at 4:09

Yuri Bezmenov

The cultural subversion of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

According to Chomsky, media operate through five filters: ownership, advertising, the media elite, flak and the common enemy.


The first has to do with ownership. Mass media firms are big corporations. Often, they are part of even bigger conglomerates. Their end game? Profit. And so it’s in their interests to push for whatever guarantees that profit. Naturally, critical journalism must take second place to the needs and interests of the corporation.


The second filter exposes the real role of advertising. Media costs a lot more than consumers will ever pay. So who fills the gap? Advertisers. And what are the advertisers paying for? Audiences. And so it isn’t so much that the media are selling you a product — their output. They are also selling advertisers a product — YOU.”


The establishment manages the media through the third filter. Journalism cannot be a check on power because the very system encourages complicity. Governments, corporations, big institutions know how to play the media game. They know how to influence the news narrative. They feed media scoops, official accounts, interviews with the ‘experts’. They make themselves crucial to the process of journalism. So, those in power and those who report on them are in bed with each other.


If you want to challenge power, you’ll be pushed to the margins. When the media – journalists, whistleblowers, sources – stray away from the consensus, they get ‘flak’. This is the fourth filter. When the story is inconvenient for the powers that be, you’ll see the flak machine in action discrediting sources, trashing stories and diverting the conversation.


To manufacture consent, you need an enemy — a target. That common enemy is the fifth filter. Communism. Terrorists. Immigrants. A common enemy, a bogeyman to fear, helps corral public opinion.

  1. Hit first.

  2. Frame your opponent.

  3. Frame the debate.

  4. Spot inconsistencies in their arguments.

  5. Force them to answer questions.

  6. Don't get distracted.

  7. If you don't know something, admit it.

  8. Don't get sucked in by the paradime.

  9. Make sure that you let the other side have a meaningless victory or two, so they feel like they are accepted.

  10. Use good body language at all times.

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