Citizen Journalism

Adam Nuttall

Chalk versus zombies

The legacy media has attempted to stir NZ public sentiment against our movement as evidenced by this gentleman.

Funny they have not interviewed us once since May when we started!

Interview with One News

Well.. the legacy media FINALLY comes out to play.

Who knew a little bit of chalk was all it took?

Perhaps they will air this interview if it fits their narrative?

Chalk and Talk in front of a cov1d isolation facility

Chalk and Talk in front of Wellington High Court

Cross The Rubicon

Police HQ demonstration

12th August 2020 - Lockdown Level II

Interviewing brave kiwi patriots protesting outside the Christchurch police HQ

Someone please buy this man a gimbal!

Interviewing a HK protester in Christchurch

Interview with Leighton Baker, leader of New Conservative

Interviewing Extinction Rebellion in Christchurch

Street Interviews Christchurch

Street Interviews Christchurch

Vinny Eastwood

Day 1 - 13th August 2020

Vinny Eastwood takes to the streets of Green Bay, Auckland

Bridge of Remembrance